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Spring and Summer
Increase productivity and creativity ... Relax with Swann.
Strengthen the mind-body connection ... Relax with Swann.
Relieve stress ... Relax with Swann.
Ease pain ... Relax with Swann.
Sleep better ... Relax with Swann.

Experience progressive relaxation through guided imagery as only Kathleen Swann can present it, in this new relaxation series of CDs. Listen to the gentle music as her soothing voice helps you to drift off to sleep. There are no subliminal messages here. Swann empowers you to remain in control, building a strong mind-body connection. This can build self-confidence, empowering you to gain control. Excellent for stress management. Listen to a sample of Seasons of Serenity.

Just want music?...
The long songs found in the instrumental CDs are perfect for massage, meditation, Yoga, and Pilates. Listen to a sample of Seasons of Tranquility and/or Rhythms of Life (from SwannSerenity).

Check out Blossoming with Child for a wonderful weekend getaway childbirth class. Listen to a sample of The Seasons of Pregnancy (from SwannSerenity).

relax with positive reflections and guided imagery by Kathleen SwannWhat is guided imagery?...
Guided imagery consists of peaceful visualization, whereby you remain in control. Kathleen Swann incorporates positive reflections throughout this series of CDs, building self-esteem and strength. It involves all the senses.

Seasons of Serenity includes a story for each season. You might only have 10-20 minutes to de-stress. Pick a season, and Relax with Swann. If a good-night's sleep is needed, you might just press "play" and drift off to sleep. Either way, you will awaken refreshed and ready to face the challenges that lie ahead">

What are the benefits of progressive muscle relaxation?...
The deep sleep that can be achieved through progressive muscle relaxation can be useful in stress management. Relax with Swann encourages you to remain in control. This can be empowering, helping to build self-confidence and strength.
Its effects include a reduction in perceived stress or depression.
It can help decrease blood pressure, pulse rate, and pain.

People undergoing medical procedures or treatment may find music therapy enhances the strength of the mind and its ability to master the body's functioning. It is believed that the powerful mind-body connection can also strengthen the immune system. Basic focusing techniques are used, centering on breathing. This meditation is self-directed, relaxing the body and calming the mind.

Relax with Swann invites you to listen to a sample of Seasons of Serenity, as well as the instrumental versions in the series: Rhythms of the World and Rhythms of Life. If you like the gentle background music, but would prefer not to listen to the stories at the moment, these instrumentals are for you. Great for massage, as the songs are long (10-18 minutes), with a total playing time of almost an hour.

If you're pregnant, or know someone who is, check out The Seasons of Pregnancy. Its progressive relaxation can bring comfort and strength throughout pregnancy as well as in labor and delivery.

See why our motto is ... Relax with Swann once, and you'll be back for more. ENJOY !